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Congratulations! Making an appointment is the first step to a
healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Remember, you are not giving up a friend but a lethal enemy.
Cigarettes are not only expensive, they can ruin the quality of
your life.

Imagine how good you will feel when you finally beat this addiction.

Our Doctors and dedicated healthcare professionals are here for you.

727-539-8900 Tampa Facility
Headquartered In
Tampa, Florida
Licensing and Franchises are available to qualified professionals
and physicians.   To establish a treatment facility in your area call Danita Posley at 813-403-6435.
Our Guarantee: In a Retrospective Study performed by Welplex (see clinical studies) we concluded that 88% of patients treated with our patented protocol remained smoke free after 60 days and 56% remained smoke free after one year.  Should you start to smoke within a one year period, our doctors will treat you one additional time at a greatly reduced rate.  Patients will only be responsible for a $149.00 charge (follow up prescriptions are not included and manufacturers prices are subject to change). You have nothing to lose but your habit. So make the call today!

For your convenience, patients are seen in the evening hours. Please be sure to have
someone come with you to drive you home.

You may eat lightly before treatment. Don't worry, it is normal for your consumption
of cigarettes to increase as your appointment time draws closer. It will not make any
difference how much you are smoking when you arrive at the clinic.

* Retrospective Study / Welplex 2004 - 2006
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